Courses and seminars

Undergraduate courses

Introduction to logic / Introduction to philosophy of language / Advanced logic for semantics / Logical grammar / Formal pragmatics

Graduate courses and seminars


The Chomskyan paradigm / Generalised quantifier theory / Discourse semantics / Categorial grammar / Tense and aspect / Plurals / Questions and answers / Scope and anaphora / Propositional attitudes / Situation semantics / Dynamic semantics / Focus & background and discourse coherence

Philosophy of language

The historical background of intensional semantics (Frege, Carnap, Hintikka, Kripke) / Frege: semantics and philosophy of language / The theory of direct reference (Kaplan, Kripke, Putnam, Donnellan, Salmon) / Convention and game-theory (Lewis) / Chinese and western philosophy of language [with K. van der Leeuw] / Radical interpretation, hermeneutics, and ‘forms of life’ (Quine, Davidson, Wittgenstein, Heidegger, Gadamer, Schatzki) / Stanley Cavell’s The Claim of Reason / Neurophenomenology / The philosophy of Donald Davidson / Contextualism in epistemology and philosophy of language / Philosophy of semantics


Ontology and ethics in Wittgenstein’s Tractatus / Wittgenstein’s rule following considerations and its impact on linguistics / Wittgenstein’s On Certainty and Putnam’s internal realism / Wittgenstein, Heidegger and the deconstruction of metaphysics [with H. de Vries] / Ethics and ontology in Wittgenstein’s later work / Wittgenstein’s Remarks on the Philosophy of Psychology / Wittgenstein, ethics and aesthetics


Wittgenstein and Heidegger [with R. Sonderegger] / Wittgenstein’s philosophy of psychology / Wittgenstein’s philosophy of mathematics /Wittgenstein and Quine / Wittgenstein’s Tractatus / Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations / Wittgenstein and moral education / Wittgenstein and cognitive science / Wittgenstein and Buddhism / Quine and Davidson / Neurophenomenology / Ordinary language philosophy / Theories of truth [with C. Skirke] / Brandom’s Making It Explicit / Davidson on interpretation / Semantic minimalism and radical contextualism / Practice theory and meta-philosophy / Logical form [with F. Veltman] / Semantic externalism

Postgraduate teaching

Courses at the ESSLLI summer schools, LoT summerschool, ASL conference, and at Tsinghua University.

Thesis supervision


(Co)supervision of 136 master theses in the regular philosophy program, the research master program in philosophy, and the master of logic program at the University of Amsterdam.


(Co)supervision of 26 PhD theses.