Rambling thoughts on rambling topics

Pech Salamou

Teaching & training

Teachers, pupils and the relative skills of each.

Ordinary teaching: transfer of knowledge; propositional; teacher +, pupil -.

Teaching athletics: distinction between teaching and training; teaching: initial stage, teacher has more skills than pupil; training: at later stages; not (usually) in terms of skills; teacher need not have more skills than pupil.

Teaching music: like teaching athletics; additional: ‘master class’ (talented & already highly skilled pupils); this is not a matter of teaching skills (often the skills of the teacher are less than those of the pupil), nor is it a matter of training; rather the crux seems to reside in showing, (re)phrasing, teaching ‘expression’.

How much of this also plays a role in ordinary teaching? (Taste in giving proofs.)

Martin Stokhof
from: Aantekeningen
date: 08/04/2003